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    Organizations worldwide lose an estimated 5 percent of their annual revenues to fraud, according to the 2018 ACFE Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse. Fraud takes many shapes and forms, among them corporate fraud, consumer fraud, tax fraud, identity theft and many others. Explore the resources and links below to see just how large of an impact fraud has on the world.

    Video Why do people commit fraud?
    Explore how pressure, opportunity and rationalization — called the Fraud Triangle — can come together to influence an individual to commit fraud. Download the video.

    Video NEW! Shareable Fraud Videos
    Watch and share our explainer videos "What does fraud mean to you?," "What is identity theft?," "How is money laundered?," "Why do people commit fraud?" and "What does a fraudster look like?" These videos are available for free and can be embedded in social media, news stories or webpages.

    Fraud Week Logo Official 2019 Fraud Week Logo
    Download the official 2019 Fraud Week Logo to use on any collateral you create in conjunction with Fraud Week. Available in vertical and horizontal formats. Other formats available upon request.

    Fraud Week Badges NEW! The Official 2019 Fraud Week Supporter Badge
    Download the official 2019 Fraud Week supporter badge to use in email signatures, on social media and on any collateral you create in conjunction with Fraud Week to show the world you support fraud awareness and prevention.

    Fraud Week Badges Official 2019 Fraud Week Social Media Badges
    Download the official 2019 Fraud Week social media badges to use in your social media posts. Sized for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Other file formats available upon request.

    Infographic How is Technology Being Used to Fight Fraud?
    Do you know how technology is currently being used to fight fraud? Learn more with this data from the 2019 ACFE Anti-Fraud Technology Benchmarking Report.

    Infographic The Red Flags of Fraud
    Do you know the most common behavioral red flags of fraud? Learn more with this data from the 2018 ACFE Report to the Nations.

    Infographic Fraud in Small Business
    See how, and why, fraud can occur in organizations with less than 100 employees.

    Infographic The Impact of Reporting Mechanisms
    Look at the important role hotlines and other reporting mechanisms play in preventing and detecting fraud.

    Infographic What Leaves Organizations Most Vulnerable to Fraud?
    The ACFE surveyed anti-fraud professionals around the world on what risks posed the greatest threats to their organizations and their response plans.

    Guide NEW! Printable Fraud Prevention Checklist
    The most cost-effective way to limit fraud losses is to prevent fraud from occurring in the first place. This checklist is designed to help you test the effectiveness of your fraud prevention measures. Download our “Fraud Prevention Checklist” printable handout and share it with colleagues, clients and others.

    Guide Printable Fraud Week Handout
    Download our “5 Fraud Tips Every Business Leader Should Act On” printable handout and share it with colleagues, clients and others.

    Guide Fraud Prevention Check-Up
    How vulnerable is your company to fraud? Do you have adequate controls in place to prevent it? Find out by using the ACFE’s Fraud Prevention Check-Up, a simple yet powerful test of your company’s fraud health.

    Guide Designing an Effective Anti-Fraud Training Program
    One of the best defenses against fraud is a workforce that is trained in prevention and detection. This guide provides useful information and important considerations for developing an anti-fraud training program for your employees.

    News Fraud Talk Podcast
    The ACFE’s monthly podcast dedicated to helping professionals who fight fraud on a daily basis. In these sessions, the ACFE breaks down case studies, talks with the industry’s leading experts and gives you more tools you can use to spot, fight and prevent fraud.

    Video Fraud Videos Library
    The ACFE’s library of fraud-related videos from Fraud Magazine™, our Career Center and more.

    Guide Fraud Prevention Resources
    Fraud Prevention Resources, available free to both ACFE members and non-members, contains a number of resources that will be of value in your company’s ongoing fight against fraud.

    News Fraud Magazine
    Devoted to timely, insightful articles on white-collar crime and fraud examination techniques, Fraud Magazine is a bimonthly publication that gives readers practical "down-in-the-trenches" information they can apply immediately.

    News Fraud of the Day (spotlight on government fraud)
    LexisNexis presents Fraud of the Day, a forum dedicated to educating government about how fraud is perpetrated and the solutions to stop it. Visit to subscribe to the daily email, and find commentary, links to upcoming events, resources pertaining to government fraud and video commentary from industry experts.


    2019 Anti-Fraud Technology Benchmarking Report NEW!
    The ACFE conducted a benchmarking study to help organizations understand what anti-fraud technologies their peers are using and to assist in guiding future adoption of anti-fraud technologies.

    2018 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse
    The 2018 Report to the Nations provides an analysis of 2,690 cases of occupational fraud that were investigated between January 2016 and October 2017.

    Benchmarking Your In-House Fraud Investigation Team
    To address the lack of available benchmarking information for internal fraud investigation departments, the ACFE collected data about our members’ internal investigation teams and analyzed how they are structured and how they performed, as well as how they measured their own effectiveness.

    Anti-Fraud Education

    ACFE seminars provide essential knowledge on a broad array of fraud topics from foundation essentials to specialist and advanced courses.

    ACFE conferences offer an unrivaled experience for gaining anti-fraud knowledge and networking with other anti-fraud professionals.

    Self-Study Courses
    ACFE Self-Study Courses are perfect for gaining, improving and maintaining the knowledge and skills that professional fraud fighters require on a daily basis.

    Books and Manuals
    Written by leading practitioners from a variety of fraud-related fields, our professional training publications teach practical solutions that can be applied immediately.

    On-Site Training
    ACFE On-Site Training is a cost-effective way to educate and train your staff about fraud awareness.

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