International Fraud Awareness Week is an opportunity for anti-fraud professionals and communities to come together to look at how far reaching the effects of fraud can be. Past Fraud Week supporters have organized and hosted events ranging from webinars, lectures and conferences to film festivals and interactive investigation scenarios. If you would like to invite members of the public to your Fraud Week event, you can submit your event for Fraud Week 2022 to be displayed on this page using the form below.

Please note that in order to submit an event, it should be an in-person or virtual event at a specific time that others can attend (paid or free). Although we encourage and appreciate ongoing efforts to spread fraud awareness during the week, like distributing educational materials or posting signage, any event submissions that are not a specific planned event requiring in-person or virtual attendance of some sort will not be displayed on this page. You can contact us with any questions.



Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival

November 13-19
12:00 PM

The Whistleblower Summit recognizes that cinema is a powerful medium for highlighting civil and human rights violations across the globe. It seeks to shine a light on stories of courage and perseverance in the face of injustice, and to encourage individuals to stand together to achieve human rights for all. We are looking for films about whistleblowers, the First Amendment or films that touch on one or several human rights issues that are connected to our areas of work, including but not limited to freedom of expression, women’s rights, discrimination, communal violence and defending human rights. In recognition of Fraud Week, an encore presentation of the 10th Annual Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival will be held virtually. The hybrid event took place online and on Capitol Hill earlier this year in July. Whistleblowers and Fraud Busters are natural [friends] since 42% of fraud is detected by tipsters or whistleblowers.

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Phoebus Christodoulides

November 15
10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Subject: Cybercrime/Card fraud and Money laundering effects. Please note that I have gathered 28 years of work experience in the Fraud Management area, at the largest Card Processor of Cyprus

The subject agenda may include the following items:

- The evolution of card payments

- Covid era and its consequences on fraud

- Fraud categories

- Social engineering and how to avoid it

- Types of Hackers and motivational factors

- Risks of Card Processor(s) and Fraud Management best practices

- Fraud cases and lessons learned (i.e. The arrest of one of the most wanted hacker in the world, in Cyprus)

- Money Laundering effects and techniques

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