Ready to Get Started?

There are some basic steps that any organization can and should take to help combat fraud:

Establish & Communicate a Fraud Policy
Every organization needs a written policy to address fraud - before it happens. Download our Sample Fraud Policy (PDF) provided by the ACFE.

Take the Fraud Prevention Check-Up
Encourage your company or your clients to take the Fraud Prevention Check-Up to help identify and manage your fraud risks.

Establish an Anti-Fraud Hotline
With their proven record of deterring and detecting unethical activity, an anonymous hotline is a critical internal control for any organization. Read about EthicsLine's comprehensive hotline strategy (PDF).

Utilize Anti-Fraud Resources
Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of the free resources provided on this web site to help train your employees and increase awareness of fraud within your organization. Also, add the Fraud Examiners Manual and Small Business Fraud Prevention Manual to your reference library and make them readily available to your employees.

Become an Official Supporter of Fraud Awareness Week
By signing up to become an official supporter you will receive recognition on our site, a sample press release to communicate your organization's involvement in Fraud Awareness Week, and other exclusive anti-fraud resources.