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  • Faces of Fraud

    Fraud is often seen as a cold crime against organizations. It is important to remember, however, that there are real people who suffer due to the actions of fraudsters. Whether it is a small business owner who must close the doors on their dream because they fell victim to an embezzlement or a loyal worker who lost his or her pension thanks to the unscrupulous acts of an employee, behind every fraudster there are real victims. See some of their stories below and put a face to the victims of fraud. If you have been the victim of a fraudster and want to share your story, submit what happened to you.

    Video The Faces of Fraud
    A panel discussion with Andy Wilson, CFE and fraud victims Jay Myers, CFE and Brett Ray, CFE.

    News A Rough Reality: Fraud Victims and the Road to Renewal
    Shock, anger, depression and bargaining are all victims’ reactions to fraud. When someone falls victim to fraud, there are issues that hinder healing — lack of sleep, overworking to earn money back, compulsive behavior and avoiding emotions. “Much is made of the fraudster,” said Andy Wilson, CFE, CCEP, VP Fraud & Compliance, Sedgwick, Inc. “But [the victims] are the real faces of fraud.”

    Video Fraud: Yes, It Can Happen to Your Business
    Business owner Roy Faust trusted a friend to do his bookkeeping, only to discover that she had been stealing from him.

    Fraud Victims in the News

    “I am reminded that I am making this payment due to a pathological liar who has no conscience … I think there is no question she will return to her despicable ways of preying on innocent people, particularly elderly people.” – Jim Stanton
    Payment to fraud victims unlikely, says U.S. District Judge – Oconee Enterprise

    “I just thought that this was the light at the end of the tunnel kind of a thing you know a positive future, I was excited.” – Unnamed construction worker who lost $85,000 in three months
    Another victim speaks out about growing investment scam – CTV News Winnipeg

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