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Become an Official Supporter of International Fraud Awareness Week and join the global fight against fraud. By working together, organizations around the world can effectively promote the importance of detection, deterrence and investigation of fraud. Help us encourage companies to examine their internal controls, educate their employees and executives about the risks of fraud and learn the skills necessary to identify and deter fraud in any situation.

Why Join?
Alert your employees and stakeholders, as well as the community, other companies, and agencies about your serious stand against fraud. As an Official Supporter, you will be identified as a leader in the global fight against fraud, and will be listed on the International Fraud Awareness Week web site, mentioned in press releases and included in printed materials. You will also receive access to anti-fraud resources from the ACFE that will make it easy for you to actively participate.

What is required?
There is no cost to participate in this initiative. Simply register your information to become an Official Supporter here.